All Red Dead Online Players Will Receive A Free Item Pack This Week

All Red Dead Online Players Will Receive A Free Item Pack This Week

If you plan to go on a trip to the Old West this Easter, with Red Dead Online, you will be interested to know that Rockstar will give you a useful pack of objects for all players, regardless of role. In addition, naturalists, bounty hunters and collectors will have special bonuses.

These are the objects included in the special package:

  • 5 units of gun oil
  • 3 wild carrots
  • 2 powerful medicines
  • 5 special rescuers for horses
  • 3 chocolate bars

The naturalists They will earn triple RDOS and Naturalist EXP when selling Black-tailed Hare samples, keep an eye out for brush.

The bounty hunter will get a 50% bonus in cash payments for all fugitives, including the legendary and infamous. Additionally, all bounty hunters above level 5 will have a 50% discount on the Navy revolver.

The collectors You will get 50% more than usual for completing the Weekly Egg Collection (Bring the Duck, Herd and Goose Eggs to Madam Nazar). In addition, there is a 40% discount on the Beginner Collector’s Item or Promise of your choice when you participate in the Condor Egg Free Roam event.

As always, there is clothing available for a limited time:

  • Hopeman Vest
  • Cardozo Vest
  • Lister hat
  • Manteca Hat
  • Menasco hat
  • Owanjila hat
  • Bowyer Boots

Also, you will find these discounts:

  • 5 bars less in bounty hunter license
  • 5 fewer bars in collector’s bag
  • 40% on bounty hunter outfits
  • 40% on collector’s outfits
  • 40% off bounty hunter cart
  • 40% on collector’s saddlebags, binoculars and collector’s maps

Finally, remember that users of Prime Gaming get additional bonuses:

  • Free Bounty Hunter License
  • Ornate amethyst skin for the bounty hunter’s chariot.

In addition, players who link your account to Prime Gaming before April 12 They will get a 30% discount on some versatile horses and a selection of horse product guides sold by the fence, as well as a 40% discount on all saddles.

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