You can now reserve the Zelda Skyward Sword Joy-Con for 74.90 euros on Amazon

You can now reserve the Zelda Skyward Sword Joy-Con for 74.90 euros on Amazon

One of the most anticipated releases this year for Nintendo Switch is the remastering of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. The title of Zelda for Wii, which is considered an almost underrated gem, aroused excitement and anticipation with the announcement of its version for Switch.

So much so that the remastering of Skyward Sword has become the best-selling game on Amazon with months to go until its release. If you are also looking forward to it, we recommend you prepare reserving the Zelda Skyward Sword Joy-Con for 74.90 euros.

The pre-sale of these very exclusive Joy-Con controllers started today on Amazon, so hurry up to get them before anyone else. If you have an account Amazon prime or from Prime Student, you will receive them immediately as soon as they come out. And do not worry, Amazon will not take the money from your account until it has sent them to you.

As for the Joy-Con, They are controls for the use of Nintendo Switch but on the occasion of Skyward Sword to celebrate the release of this remaster on the hybrid console. They are blue with gold accents, with the Triforce on one controller and the red Zelda symbol on the other.

Its straps also match the design, in a beautiful blue color alternating with lighter and darker lines. These colors symbolize the sky that we fly over in the game on the back of the pelicans, as well as the views from Altárea.

Apart from that, they have HD vibration, accelerometer, motion sensor, capture button and NFC point to use Amiibo figurines, as well as an infrared camera to detect distances and movements in games designed for this technology.

Take advantage of the fact that Amazon has just put these Skyward Sword Joy-Con on pre-sale for 74.90 euros and get yours before they run out. They may also become the best-selling controls in the store, who knows. Deserve it, they deserve it.

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