Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6: top of the range in value for money

Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6: tope de gama en relación calidad-precio

In its mega-presentation today (and which will continue tomorrow), Xiaomi has also presented its Mi Smart Band 6 today, a new revision of its quantifying pulse and, although we will now review all its novelties, I already anticipate that as with previous reviews, Xiaomi’s quantifying bracelet remains an excellent option, which keeps growing in features while maintaining a very competitive price. So much so that, except in certain circumstances, it makes it very difficult for smartwatches.

As has been the case for years with both quantifying bracelets and smart watches, Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6 focuses on sports activities and, of course, the control of certain biometric indicators. Something that, in the circumstances we live in today, has more reason than ever, and that in my opinion makes more sense than ever to use it to monitor the health of the elderly.

And it is that one of the most remarkable novelties of Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6 is that now allows you to measure and keep an oximetry record (blood oxygen level). Remember that a low saturation can be an early indicator of pneumonia, which, in turn, is one of the most dangerous symptoms of the coronavirus. With SpO2 control it is possible to identify alterations in saturation and, if necessary, act accordingly early.

Too improved heart rate detection function, as well as the sleep quality record, two other important metrics when we talk about both the early identification of possible diseases, as well as a more personalized, and therefore effective, configuration of training sessions and sports. Add to this that the Mi Smart Band 6 also monitors the stress level, quantifies sleep and has a breathing function, and the bracelet becomes a great health monitor.

Another aspect in which the Mi Smart Band 6 improves with respect to its predecessor is in the size of its AMOLED screen, which goes from 1.1 inches in the 5 model to 1.56 inches in the one presented today, with a resolution of 152 x 486 dots, a density of 326 pixels per inch and a brightness of up to 450 nits. An increase that has not so much to do with the size of the bracelet having increased, as with the fact that the edges of the bracelet are now used much better, so it offers a greater viewing area in a practically identical size.

Regarding its autonomy, according to the data of Xiaomi the Mi Smart Band 6 offers autonomy of up to 14 days thanks to its lithium polymer battery with a capacity of 125 milliamps. As for charging, Mi Smart Band 6 repeats the system of the previous model, with a magnetic base, which avoids the need to remove the central module from the strap to charge it with a connector, as was the case in previous versions. Fully recharging the battery will take less than two hours.

If we talk about its sports-oriented functions, Mi Smart Band 6 detects six types of physical activities and 30 training modes, among which we find novelties such as dance, basketball and boxing, in addition to being able to be configured to automatically start the measurement when it detects that an activity that it is able to identify is being carried out. To withstand training well, also in water sports, has a resistance of up to five atmospheres.

To connect to the smartphone it has Bluetooth 5.0 and, like its predecessors, the Mi Smart Band 6 is compatible with both Android and iOS. In addition, and as it happened last year, the version marketed in China will have NFC, but it does not seem that the same will happen with the international version. In all likelihood it will have to do with the certifications that you would need to obtain to be sold with that feature in other geographies.

There is still no scheduled date for the arrival of the Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6 in Spain, but what we do know is its price, which will be 44.99 euros.

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