This is Ripout, the new cooperative horror shooter that we will enjoy in 2022

This is Ripout, the new cooperative horror shooter that we will enjoy in 2022

Ripout it’s a new cooperative shooter by indie studio Pet Project Games, with the premise that humanity has created a powerful and dangerous genetic weapon to defend itself against alien invaders, but has fallen victim to its own creation.

You wake up in the year 2084 as one of the last surviving soldiers of the Earth, the fate of humanity weighs on your hands. Will you preserve the legacy of humanity or will everything be consumed in a whirlwind of terror, death and despair? We leave you just below these lines with the teaser official game trailer.

The game can now be found at Steam, so next year -has an estimated date of Released Feb 1, 2022– you will be able to walk the dark and decrepit corridors of a ship full of dangers. Fight hordes of enemies able to reconfigure or strengthen their bodies aliens with technologies and with other, small, monsters.

In the trailer you can see it, but you can choose between different models of Mascot Weapon, because the weapons you use in the game are “alive”. Use them as traditional blasters or send them towards your enemies in their pet form so that they destroy them and you can use the power of biotechnology yourself.

In addition, Ripout levels will be procedurally generated, that means that each one will be different from the rest. Thus, the cooperative experience in missions with friends it will be more exciting as you explore the unknown in Groups of up to 4 players in 10-20 minute missions. Be very careful with its escalating difficulty, even the weakest will be able to learn and attack en masse.

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If you have been interested in the project of Ripout, you can track the status of the game through its official website and his twitter account.

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