The Xiaomi Mi TV Stick cheaper than ever with this AliExpress Plaza coupon and shipping from Spain for only 22 euros

The cheapest Xiaomi Mi TV Stick ever: 27.78 euros, ideal for watching Netflix, Prime Video and Disney +

Devices like the Xiaomi Mi TV Stick and the Amazon Fire TV Stick have become an essential purchase in practically every home in the world, because they help us turn a conventional television into a Smart tv. The key is that thanks to this we can install applications such as Netflix, Disney + and Amazon Prime Video. It is precisely the Xiaomi Mi TV Stick that is on sale right now thanks to the AliExpress promotions for the anniversary of the online store.

In general, this device is not particularly expensive either, although it is not uncommon to see it in Spanish stores at 30-35 euros, or sometimes close to 25 euros. However, right now we can buy it on AliExpress for 22 euros Thanks to the discount coupon that will be available, this period of anniversary offers will end, which will be on April 3. The coupon to use is 3ALITVSTICK.

The Xiaomi Mi TV Stick is Xiaomi’s most basic device Intended for this purpose, but still basic, it performs all the functions one might want in something for this price. Most users will have more than enough, and if we want it for a second or third home television, it is a great option. The key is that we can install three or four applications that are ideal to watch on television, as is the case with Netflix, but also Disney + or Amazon Prime Video.

One of the advantages of this device with respect to the Chromecast is that it does not depend on a mobile to work, but connects to home WiFi network and we can download and install these apps to be able to watch series and movies in a simple way.

It looks a lot like Amazon Fire TV Stick, but it manages to be even cheaper, and it is not clear which of the two is better. They are actually quite similar. The Amazon device has a more familiar interface because it is more limited. The Xiaomi device offers us more options. We can complicate a little more, although it is still quite simple to use. In the end, it is a way to watch series and movies on any television, even if it is not a Smart TV.

For only 22 euros It is one of the best purchases you can make right now on the AliExpress anniversary. In addition, it is sent from Spain, so we will have it at home in just a few days, and we have the guarantee of products marketed in Europe.

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