The creators of The Medium are no longer interested in joining another video game company

The creators of The Medium are no longer interested in joining another video game company

Far from being a great company in the sector like EA or Square Enix, Bloober Team is one of the most interesting development studios and with projection that there is in the industry. Releases like The Medium show that the Polish developer has a lot of talent among its ranks.

After learning that The Medium and Observer System Redux will have a physical release (from Koch Media), Bloober Team wanted to clear up any doubts about your possible union with another study or company. They admit it was on the table, but they will ultimately remain an independent studio.

In other words, Bloober Team has withdrawn from negotiations to be acquired by another video game and entertainment company, despite the fact that a few months ago that possibility did exist. This is how the Bankier media collects it, which spoke of ”a possible strategic cooperation with another company in the sector

Last summer, the name of Bloober Team was in the pools of some companies in the United States, United Kingdom and Poland, and it is certainly very possible that Microsoft was one of them. At the time, there was talk of the acquisition of a Polish studio by Xbox, whether it was CD Projekt, Bloober Team or another name.

The company has decided failing to continue discussions with potential financial and industry investors interested in acquiring a majority stake, due to the high risk of losing their primary strategic objectives” Bloober Team announces in an official statement.

The creators of The Medium and Blair Witch admit to having enough money and resources to go ahead as an independent studio, although that does not exempt it from possible collaborations with other studies (as has happened with Xbox and The Medium… or maybe with Konami in an upcoming Silent Hill).

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At this stage it would be incompatible with the culture of the organization, and would significantly limit the potential growth of the value of the company in the coming years, especially taking into account the projects implemented and planned

In this way, Bloober Team prefers maintain your vision and company policy, and we already know that they are preparing their next video game for consoles and PC. Some rumors claim that it is a Silent Hill, in which Akira Yamaoka would repeat as composer.

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