Sylvester Stallone has ideas for a Rocky prequel series

Sylvester Stallone has ideas for a Rocky prequel series

Within the cinema with sports overtones, that of Rocky Balboa It is one of those stories of overcoming that marked a whole generation. A wayward man, a bully to a middle-aged moneylender and basically a social outcast, seized the greatest opportunity that could have come his way: to fight in the ring for the heavyweight world title. Sylvester Stallone would make the world fall in love in 1976 when he incarnated Philadelphia Foal, a role that he would repeat on several occasions.

Now, 45 years after we met Rocky, Sylvester Stallone might seem ready to say goodbye to the character forever, although he has continued to bring him to life in the Creed saga, Rocky’s sipoff starring Michael B. Jordan as the son of Apollo creed.

However, Stallone still has a lot to say about Rocky, albeit about his early life. The actor has shared on Instagram a treatment for a television series that would serve as a prequel to Rocky Balboa’s subsequent adventure in the ring.

The Rambo actor has shared his thoughts, setting the action back in the ever-recurring 1960s, a time that helped turn society into what we know today. Feminism, social rights, the Vietnam fiasco, the moon landing or the Cold War are some of the events that would mark the life of young Robert “Rocky” Balboa long before he even dreamed of becoming the Heavyweight World Champion.

At the moment it is an idea that haunts Sly’s head, but if it materializes, can you think of a young actor who could give life to Rocky?

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