Some Pixar employees are “demoralized” by the Disney Plus premieres of Soul and Luca

Some Pixar employees are "demoralized" by the Disney Plus premieres of Soul and Luca

Pixar Animation is one of the great pillars of Disney. The 2007 acquisition of the legendary animation studio was even more expensive than that of Marvel or Lucasfilm. Disney has made that purchase very profitable with films like Cars or Del Revés, tapes that have become big box office hits. However, times are tough for Pixar and its employees, who are seeing films like Soul and Luca being sent directly to Disney Plus.

According to him former editor of The Hollywood ReporterSome of his friends at Pixar have claimed that several employees have admitted to being demoralized with the way Disney is releasing its films, “devaluing” their potential.

Onward was the first Pixar movie to end on Disney Plus after the coronavirus pandemic broke out. The film hit theaters almost at the same time that the pandemic was raging in the West, so Disney maneuvered to adapt to the situation.

After that, the House of the Mouse was delaying the premiere of Soul until Christmas Day, when the film debuted on the platform at no additional cost to subscribers. Now, it seems that Luca’s fate is the same when he arrives this summer. It is ironic that Disney is not bringing Pixar films to its “Premium Access”, when it has done so with films like Mulan or Raya and the Last Dragon, and plans to do so with Black Widow.

What do you think? Is it understandable that Pixar employees are “demoralized” by the situation?

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