Sega removes Yakuza Like a Dragon from SteamDB over suspected piracy

Sega removes Yakuza Like a Dragon from SteamDB over suspected piracy

Sega has made a somewhat strange movement, the Japanese publisher and developer has submitted a DMCA to the hosting of SteamDB, resulting in the removal of the Yakuza Like a Dragon site. The web, for those who do not know it, is a project that was created by Pavel Djundik and Martin Benjamins, but it is not a site that encourages piracy.

SteamDB is a website to check everything that happens with Steam and its apps: updates, players, activities, modifications … Almost everything the company does, together on one page, so it is a great help to check simultaneous player records -like those that have been happening with Valheim for example- and Another resources like game leaks.

That is why the movement of Sega, you think that the web distributes illegal copies of your last Yakuza, but it’s not like that. The Web has no links from other sites than Steam, much less keys, so Djundik explained the situation on Twitter and asked for help, although the area of Yakuza Like a Dragon on SteamDB it is gone and it reads: “This page has been removed by SEGA claims that we distribute their game here (we don’t)“.

I have removed the page because they do not respond to their first warning and have sent another one to our host“, said Djundik. “SteamDB does not support piracy, does not offer downloads, does not sell keys, does not have links to any similar website“Although it seems strange, he himself said that this was not the first time:”SteamDB receives at least one annual DMCA, but we can resolve it fast. Sega, on the other hand, ignores everything we try to tell them“, he added.

Good news for now is that someone in Sega America he has noticed and promised to take a look at the incident. Own Djundik said to PC Gamer that the editor was unaware of his attempts to clarify the situation, so in SteamDB they were unable to solve this problem, they could do nothing.

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Other than trying to contact someone from Sega, we are not in a position to do anything. This is a project that two game fans do in their spare time and we don’t have the resources, energy and / or time to fight or even argue about it.“, he explained.

Source: VG247

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