Resident Evil Village will allow to build walls to defend themselves and there will be “other tricks”, according to its producer

Resident Evil Village announces that it will have censorship in Japan, with less gore and gory scenes

One of the most anticipated games of the year, Resident Evil Village will arrive in May to offer a good dose of first-person survival horror. However, the game seems to be more action-oriented than Resident Evil VII and one of its producers has detailed more on this.

In a interview, producer Tsuyoshi Kanda, commented on some of the most important aspects of Resident Evil Village, a survival oriented mechanic, optimization on all platforms and more information.

The Resident Evil Village producer explained the following: This is a much more action oriented game. We included the guard function from the previous game, but now it is possible to do a counter attack. also can use furniture to build walls, so there are a few ways you can handle different situations. We have some newer tricks, but you’ll have to check it out for yourself.

The option to counterattack with a kick to gain distance with the enemies will be key, as well as the construction of walls, which has already had its role in the past. In addition to this, Kanda added that all versions of RE Village have been optimized to give the best of themselves.

Our goal was a stress-free gaming experience, so we focused on optimize the game so that loading times were greatly reduced despite the high resolution graphics, in reference to PS5 and Xbox Series X | S. We also wanted to make sure that the battles ran smoothly on all platforms. That is why we have each of them has been optimized to the smallest detail to offer the best possible experience.

Of course, the success of the game seems assured and Capcom is using Lady Dimitrescu in life size to promote Resident Evil Village in stores, something that fans are delighted with.

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