Razer gives the green light to the manufacture of its mask with RGB

Razer Project Hazel mascarilla con RGB

Presented during the last CES 2021, along with other prototypes such as the Razer Project Brooklyn chair, it seems that the Taiwanese company of gaming products I would have given the green light (literally) to Project Hazel, a high-tech face mask equipped with an intelligent filtration system, a transparent panel to show our face, and of course, RGB lighting.

This was shared by CEO Min-Liang Tan himself in a statement granted to Yahoo Finance, in which he assures that the company has realized the great demand for this new supplement that sneaked into our lives a year ago, and that it aims to continue with us even after the first rounds of vaccination, as a precaution additional.

«With this in mind, let’s move on and […] Project Hazel is going to be a reality. We are going to make it happen and I think we will all sadly wear masks for a long time«. And, as he points out, in addition to the slow rate of vaccination, current forecasts for the manufacture and availability of the vaccine could delay the global vaccination process for a few years.


In addition to its curious design with a transparent front cover, this RGB mask will also be equipped with a built-in microphone and speaker, that will allow us to slightly amplify our voice without the need to raise our tone or have to withdraw it when we speak.

Although without a doubt the most interesting thing about it is that it will be as effective as an N95 mask, equipped with bacterial filtration efficiency capsules that can trap 95% of airborne particles. It will also feature adjustable straps to create an airtight seal that will have the ability to vent CO2 while maintaining greater airflow.

While for the moment Min-Liang Tan you have not specified when the mask will go into production, much less when will it be ready for purchase, what is clear is that Razer has decided to move forward with this curious mask with RGB. And it is not the first “crazy” product announced by the company, with large prototypes such as the long-awaited Razer Toaster, which went as a joke to one of the products most demanded by fans in recent years.

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