Razer announces eco-friendly initiative with clothing made from recycled plastics from the sea

Razer announces eco-friendly initiative with clothing made from recycled plastics from the sea

Razer, the brand of lifestyle products for gamers, such as clothing and accessories, announces a new green initiative: the sale of clothing made with recovered and recycled plastics from the sea. This limited edition collection is based on the famous work of the Great Wave off Kanagawa, but sadly, its waters are full of waste.

Approximately 11 million tons of plastics are recovered from the oceans each year. By 2050, the oceans will have more mass of plastic than fish, and 99% of seabirds will have ingested plastic, according to reports from a Razer video.

To turn the tide, Razer wants to make users aware of this issue by launching this limited edition clothing collection, whose proceeds will go to the collection of plastics from the ocean. With each item purchased, up to 1 kg of plastic can be recovered from the sea.

Razer Wave of Kanagawa recycled clothing

The Kanagawa Wave clothing collection includes hoodies, t-shirts, tank tops, shorts, and cap, all of which are made with high quality fabric made with plastics collected from the ocean, and 100% recycled. The fabric has come out of a program that recycles waste into useful products.

  • Razer Ola Kanagawa Hoodie: € 159.99 RRP
  • Razer Wave of Kanagawa T-Shirt: € 99.99 RRP
  • Razer Ola Kanagawa Tank Top: € 79.99 RRP
  • Razer Ola Shorts from Kanagawa: € 89.99 RRP
  • Razer Ola Kanagawa Cap: € 59.99 RRP

If you want to buy any of these garments, do not miss the reservation opening date and time, April 8 at 4 AM CEST (that is, at 4 in the morning in Spanish peninsular time), because in the experience of Razer, which previously launched a limited clothing line, they sell out in a few minutes.

This is not the first Razer Green Initiative: A few weeks ago they presented the Go Green With Razer campaign, with the aim of planting save thousands of trees. It was a great success, so now they put the focus on the oceans.

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