Pokemon manhole covers keep coming to Japan with awesome Ho-Oh designs and more

Pokemon manhole covers keep coming to Japan with awesome Ho-Oh designs and more

Pokémon is one of the most famous sagas in history and its popularity extends throughout the entire planet. Nevertheless, in Japan they feel a special fervor for Pikachu and company, as is understandable and the franchise is so established that we can get to see everything.

After having known the favorite Pokémon for Japanese fans a few days ago, now it is time to see the new street furniture that has been placed on the streets of Kyoto. Some have already been customized manhole covers with mind-blowing poké-designs.

Five are the designs that have already been placed on the streets of Japan and all of them represent places close to their location, as well as various well-known pokémon, such as the second generation initials: Chikorita, Cyndaquil and Totodile.

He also does not miss his appointment Ho-Oh, the legendary of Gold and Silver, which is one of the great symbols of the saga. Pikachu himself has inaugurated these covers that are expected to be there for a long time. It wouldn’t have been bad for someone to slip in a Muk design to have a matching manhole cover.

It is not the first time that Japan has announced a similar measure, although, in this case, the designs are really pretty. In case you ever pass through Japan and specifically through Kyoto, these are the locations of each of the mentioned manhole covers: Okazaki Park, Maruyama Park, Umekoji Park, Arashiyama Park (Nakanoshima district) and Nishikyogoku Athletic Park.

The fever for Pokémon does not accuse the fatigue. There are a lot of really curious cases and tributes, like that of a Charizard Pokémon figure that opened reservations and sold out almost instantly; now it is resold to more than double.

Source: NewsLiveDoor

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