Niantic shows the company’s augmented reality glasses, which could reach Pokémon GO and other games

Niantic shows the company's augmented reality glasses, which could reach Pokémon GO and other games

Despite having been operating for a while, Niantic was introduced to the world with Pokémon GO, the game that revolutionized that summer of 2016, where we all became pokémon trainers. Augmented reality allowed a unique experience and very funny that, over the years, has grown.

Now, after the absolute success that Pokémon GO has been and continues to be, it seems that Niantic seeks to grow within the technology market. After learning that Nintendo and Niantic are collaborating with an Augmented Reality app based on Pikmin, it’s time to take the next step.

The CEO of Niantic has launched a tweet where we have been able to see what seems a design for augmented reality glasses that the company could be developing. John Hanke was enthusiastic about the progress we are making to enable new types of devices that take advantage of our platform.

Although there are many details to be revealed and above all, questions to be answered, it is important to keep in mind that this device could be incorporated into the gameplay of titles of the company itself such as Pokémon GO or Harry Potter Wizars Unite.

Regarding the design of the supposed glasses, the device presents a fairly manageable and clean look. They are thin and not very ostentatious, although, as we have commented, it will be necessary to be attentive to know the next details.

Will they be incorporated into the gameplay of Pokémon GO? What we do have clear are the special events for the month of April: Dark Zapdos, Friendship Day and much more. In addition, Pokémon GO has also revealed Snivy as the Pokémon of its next Community Day in April.

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