A cinematographic shoot is always an adventure, although with current technology it is increasingly “comfortable” to be able to record huge spaces within a studio with systems such as StageCraft. However, filming outdoors is always a challenge for any filmmaker, even today. So imagine what it would be like more than 40 years ago when George Lucas embarked on the work that would define his life with Star wars, better known at that time as Star Wars.

Mark Hamill has recalled on Twitter a couple of the most complicated moments for the filming of the first Star Wars trilogy, in which the weather was about to ruin the filming plan of the films.

One post recalled the huge storm that stopped filming for Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope in Tunisia on its first day of filming. Tatooine He was ruthless to the cameras and film crews.

Maybe good old Mark Hamill hoped things would get better in Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, when the team was about to shoot some of the scenes for the Battle of Hoth. A horrible blizzard caused Lucas and the producers to change their plan to go to the glacier and they ended up filming a hundred meters from the hotel where they were staying. “Hotel guests watched from the balconies as they sipped their tea,” recalled Hamill.

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