Kingston Introduces Entry-Level NV1 SSD to NVMe

Kingston SSD NV1

Kingston SSD NV1 is the new solid state drive that the Californian manufacturer focuses especially on portable computers and other small form factor PCs such as mini-PCs.

The SSD market not only thrives on the high-end that occupies the most advanced models connected to PCIe 4.0. There are many, many machines that still use hard drives or solid state drives connected to the SATA interface. Those who want to jump to a more advanced interface such as NVMe have in this Kingston SSD NV1 a good solution to use.

It is a standard format model M.2 2280 which connects to a PCIe Gen 3 x4 port. Use a layout single-sided, which means you only put chips on one side of the SSD. This makes it possible to reduce its thickness, consumption and the generation of heat, which is high in this type of solution.

Provides sequential read / write data transfer performance of 2,100 / 1,700 Mbytes per second. It is a mid-range for PCIe SSDs, but much higher than what SATA SSDs offer and let alone hard drives.

The manufacturer promises a minimum degree of resistance from 120 to 480 Tbytes written depending on the version and three years warranty. It includes the Kingston SSD Manager control software that allows us to offer extensive information with parameters on the status of the unit or temperatures, configure it for optimal performance, monitor it or access the firmware update.

To facilitate the migration of data from the storage drives to be replaced, Kingston offers a copy of Acronis True Image OEM, an integrated software package that allows to back up an entire disk drive or selected partitions, clone the system operating, restore from previously backed up data, and create bootable media from USB drives or CD / DVD discs.

Kingston SSD NV1, versions and prices

There are three versions of this series according to their storage capacity and with the following official prices:

  • 500 GB: $ 63
  • 1,000 GB: $ 115
  • 2,000 GB: $ 224

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