Google Maps announces more than 100 navigation improvements

Google Maps AR Realidad Aumentada

Far from the years when the street was not missing in any car, Google has just announced on his official blog the future arrival of more than 100 improvements powered by artificial intelligence for your popular Google Maps navigation app, anticipating some details of the updates that will begin to arrive this year.

First, the company is improving Live View, its augmented reality navigation feature that allows users to see navigation directions superimposed on the real world. Now this feature is becoming more useful indoors, so instead of just searching for spots while walking outside, Google Maps can guide us inside places like airports and shopping centers.

This feature is currently only available at select shopping malls in Chicago, Long Island, Los Angeles, Newark, San Francisco, San Jose, and Seattle; already dating for the next few months its arrival at airports, shopping centers and transit stations in Tokyo and Zurich, and his future arrival other large cities.

As detailed from Google, this new Live View improvement can help us not only guide us, but even to find some points of interest inside these buildingsSuch as elevators or escalators, a boarding gate, the baggage claim area, check-in counters, and even the nearest bathroom. Or in the case of shopping centers or large leisure areas, we can use it as an interactive map to know on which floor a specific establishment is located.

Additionally, Google Maps will also begin to include other functionalities such as the new climate and air quality layers, which will allow us to see the meteorological information of a specific area as well as the air quality in the region; ecological route planning, with a recommendation of the most fuel efficient route; and even alerts for low emission zones in cities that have them, allowing users to know if their vehicle is allowed in the area and if they need to fix it.

Although at the moment the arrival of the latter in Spain has only been confirmed, with an implementation date for next June, it is expected that Google will gradually increase all these functionalities in all the countries in which it is available your application.

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