Fortnite updates on Nintendo Switch improving resolution and performance

Fortnite updates on Nintendo Switch improving resolution and performance

If you play Fortnite on Nintendo Switch, this interests you: from today, Tuesday, March 30, it arrives an update that will improve the experience on the hybrid console. Specifically, this patch will improve the renderer on Nintendo Switch to make better use of the GPU, thereby improving resolution and performance.

This change will significantly improve resolution in both laptop and desktop mode, with less blurry images and no loss of performance. It will also provide a more stable frame rate, with less jerkiness.

Will still use the dynamic resolution when necessary to ensure a smoother frame rate, but it will occur less frequently and the overall resolution will be significantly higher:

  • 1170×660 portable mode (previously 1000×560)
  • Desktop mode at 1560×880 (previously at 1390×780)

This is a sample of how the game will look after the update.

Also, after the patch, game size reduced by 140MB on Nintendo Switch, something that is very appreciated due to the limited size of the internal memory of the console, which will force us to buy a separate microSD as soon as you want to have digital games.

So from the patch, which comes out today March 30, you can enjoy Fortnite in better quality on Nintendo Switch. Season 6 just got a new event, Spring Breakout. In addition, dinosaurs have just arrived on the Fortnite map: in this guide we tell you where to find velociraptors and how to tame them.

Source: Epic games

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