Epic Games Store starts its spring offers with discounts up to 80%

Ofertas de primavera Epic Games Store

If Amazon’s gaming offers have helped us improve our appearance and gamer performance, now we are offered the true possibility of becoming a true gamer, and that is now available Epic Games Store spring sales.

Although these spring offers do not come with any special action such as free games or extra coupons seen in previous promotions, this does not mean that we can find discounts of up to 80% on many titles, including some of the latest releases and additions to the store.

With a dated availability until next April 8, we wanted to collect some of the best offers from the Epic Games Store so you don’t miss any of these gems:

As we said, this is only a small portion of the hundreds of discounted titles that we can currently find, so we encourage you not to stop looking directly for your favorite games in the Epic Games Store, since perhaps you will take some pleasant surprise.

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