Dragon Ball Super Monopoly Unboxing! How is it different from normal?

Dragon Ball Super Monopoly Unboxing!  How is it different from normal?

Within the table games more classic, undoubtedly one that has an infinite number of versions is the Monopoly, because there are not few series, movies, video games, etc. that have their corresponding adaptation to the popular board game, having versions of Star Wars, The Legend of Zelda, Pokémon, Friends, Ghostbusters, My Hero Academia or Dragon Ball, to name a few examples.

Precisely from the dragon ball series We come to talk, since, in addition to the Monopoly of Dragon Ball Z, Hasbro has recently launched in Spain another version of Monopoly dedicated to Dragon Ball Super, more specifically to the arc of the Tournament of Power of the anime, where They are goku and his friends participate in a tournament representing their Universe 7 to fight with the fighters of other universes and avoid being the pasture of the destruction of Zenô-Sama.

Thanks to Game we have been able to test the new Monopoly of Dragon Ball Super and Daniel Quesada and a server we tell you our impressions in our Dragon Ball Super Monopoly unboxing, which you can take a look at through the following video.

The rules are the same as in basic Monopoly, but adapted to the anime dragon ball super. Instead of buying streets or locations, we are dedicated to buying characters participating in the Tournament of Power, so that players who fall into the characters that we own will have to pay a certain toll depending on the houses or hotels they have built . The idea is to be the last player standing and ruin the others by acquiring all the possible properties.

Of course, there will be no shortage of the classic Luck and Community Box boxes from the original game, this time converted into the categories of Gods and Warriors, where you will have to steal a card every time we land on some of these boxes and apply their effects, being beneficial or harmful to us.

There is also the jail, where you remain trapped if we fall into the Go to Jail Box, we roll a double three times in a row or if a card sends us to prison. To get out it will touch, or use a card from Free from jail, pay 50M, or try to get double the dice in the next three turns. If the latter is not achieved, it will be necessary to move with the last roll made by paying the 50M.

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So is the Dragon Ball Super Monopoly, an edition that hardly differs from the original, but that can be an interesting option for the most collectors or for fans of the anime series. What did you think of this first look at the game?

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