Call of Duty Warzone will have a new map set in World War II in 2022

Call of Duty Warzone will have a new map set in World War II in 2022

A new map in 2022 and set in the World War II is what Call of Duty Warzone will get, at least that’s what claimed by a game insider. First of all, it is fine because it is a new map and it will bring freshness to the game, although not as soon as you would expect. The players are waiting in the near future, and something like that would happen.

According to this information, the 2022 map would arrive despite the following map to Warzone, with some curious details. According to Tom henderson, Call of Duty Warzone I would have this map based on World War II in 2022, with rumors floating that the current one would be destroyed by a bomb. According to what he claims, the new map would join the rotation starting in 2022, although then he commented something else.

In the second reply tweet it mentions that the map about World War II It is not related with the one that will arrive in april. Whether or not it makes sense to both of them, it is true that it would be in line with the theme, since last week sources began to emerge about it. 2021 Call of Duty called Vanguard, by Sledgehammer and of course, now you have to consider your integration with Warzone.

With all this in mind, such integration could mean that the new map with this theme around the World War IIIn addition to weapons, equipment, etc., gain more strength. Although there is something else, and it is that Henderson himself has indicated that this 2022 map would be smaller in scale, even more than the Island of rebirth.

Of course this they are not confirmations and the entire thread in question between a new game and a map with the same theme would be on standby until it is officially known. But if both things are true, an integration with the same theme in game and map would be perfect.

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For now, we will be waiting for more information.

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