An It Takes Two player asks his partner to marry him after finishing the game together

It Takes Two is the best game of the first quarter of 2021 according to Metacritic

Cooperative adventures are not known for their abundance, but recently we have had the opportunity to enjoy an emotional proposal by Josef Fares, creator of A Way Out and other similar formulas.

It Takes Two has been widely accepted by critics and audiences and is already running as one of the game of the year candidates. It is an ideal title to play together and if it is in pairs, given the story it tells, the better.

Apparently this is what the Steam user did, Chro, who has enjoyed as a couple It Takes Two. Through Valve’s platform reviews, this player shared his plans with the community: I’m going to propose to my girlfriend after we finish the game. Wish me luck, friends.

Immediately, the community of Steam players interested in It Takes Tow awaited the outcome of this story. At the time, Chro edited the review updating the news. They were engaged! How could it be otherwise, the publication has gone viral and EA itself has shared the review on Twitter.

It seems that the real cooperative adventure begins now for this couple of players.. It Takes Two was only the beginning. However, when taking a look at the Steam reviews of It Takes Two, there are a few stories that don’t fall short either. One player commented that she had gotten back with her ex-boyfriend after playing the Hazelight Games title. Another jokingly mentioned that divorce was approaching because they couldn’t complete a level.

It Takes Two has a deep emotional component, it is not surprising that many have a chord with it. Did you know that It Takes Two is the best game of the first quarter of 2021 according to Metacritic? Don’t forget to read our analysis here.

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