A father creates the best Mario Kart simulator you’ve ever seen

A father creates the best Mario Kart simulator you've ever seen

Mario Kart is one of the most famous Nintendo licenses, capable of engaging the user for endless hours enjoying the circuits, facing other players and even appealing to our creativity.

The engineer David wiernicki from Trumansburg (New York) has been able to connect Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit to a high-end motion simulator device that has been built by his company Force Dynamics.

In the video, courtesy of Totally Game, we can see how the competition is being prepared in which Wiernicki himself is going to face his son Draco in a fierce race, one driving Mario and the other Luigi, in the aforementioned version of the play.

The machine is simply spectacular, and surely very expensive, and basically helps to immerse the user in the playable experience. Instead of using the traditional control for this game, they make use of a huge machine that has a television screwed on and that is raised by three hydraulic struts that move in response to the movement of the car.

Perhaps what makes this machine spectacular is that it has a wheel under the seat that turns the whole gadget on its axis, making it a device not suitable for sensitive stomachs.

As he points out in the video, Wiernicki states that “games are something that transport you to another place, that make you believe that you are doing something else that you could not be doing otherwise. What I build is a way to make it even more real. When I’m sitting at the machine, I do it as someone who grew up playing and wanted more and better.”.

Perhaps a day will come when Nintendo will be able to launch a virtual reality or augmented reality device that allows us to enjoy Mario Kart games in a much more realistic environment, but in the meantime we have the appetizer of this invention that it is clear that It is neither cheap nor pleasant for those who are not lovers of amusement parks.

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