Trailer and release date of Eden, Netflix’s first original Japanese anime

Trailer and release date of Eden, Netflix's first original Japanese anime

Of all the streaming platforms out there today, it could be said that Netflix has become the home of anime, ignoring platforms that are exclusively dedicated to this type of content, and not only does it intend to continue making the best-known classic titles available to its users, but it also wants to be the creator of new stories.

The truth is that he has already made some attempts to turn some titles into anime series, such as the series of novels of Memories of Idhún, which have not turned out as well as he expected, but perhaps his new title, Eden, have more luck as it arrives directly from Japan, the anime’s home country, is directed by Yasuhiro Irie, director of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.

Eden is the first Netflix original anime to arrive from Japanese lands, and as you can see in the trailer it is set hundreds of years in the future and shows us an Earth taken over by robots. During their daily routine maintenance robots, A37 and E92 discover a human baby named Sara in cryosleep. Questioning her personal and social beliefs, the robots decide to raise the girl outside of Eden. As Sara grows, she will have to learn the sinister truth of the world in which she has lived.

Eden opens on May 27 in Netflix, joining the list of 40 original anime titles that the platform intends to release throughout this 2021.

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