This epic Star Wars illustration shows Leia as a Jedi with her lightsaber

This cosplayer's uncanny resemblance to Carrie Fisher makes her the PERFECT Leia

The universe of Star wars continues to expand into series, novels, comics, and all types of multimedia that are within our reach. Although now it seems that the universe is moving in another direction with series like The Mandalorian and the rest of the productions announced for Disney +, the Skywalker Saga is not completely lost sight of, and precisely Leia organa has been the protagonist of a new official illustration on the Star Wars website.

The illustration made by Chistophe vacher It has been titled “Until Our Last Breath” and will soon be available for sale in a limited edition of prints. In this illustration we can see Leia in the middle of a snowy landscape like a Jedi, wielding her own lightsaber, something that fans have waited for years and that we were able to see briefly in Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker.

“At first I wasn’t sure how to visualize Leia, but I knew I wanted to put her in some kind of epic or heroic situation, without being too cheesy. While she was gathering some ideas for the piece, she went to Lake Louise in Banff National Park. in Canada in December 2019, “Vacher explained about his creative process. “I had wanted to visit it for 20 years, and I was fascinated by the beauty and scale of the place, especially in the middle of winter, with the frozen lake and snow covering everything.”

“When he came back, some images began to connect in my head, that epic snowy landscape, and the idea of ​​Leia in the middle of all that. What I had seen in the last Star Wars movie, that short sequence where Leia is trained by Luke, she started asking me questions. What happened to her at that time? How long did she train? Why did she go on to become a general instead of a Jedi, and did she make the decision or was she pushed into it?

“I think of her as someone who has dedicated herself to fighting for and with her people, despite the tremendous responsibility and pressure of being a princess. These are qualities that I respect,” explained the artist. What do you think of this illustration of Princess Leia? Would you like series and films to explore this stage further?

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