They go viral for their “imaginative” way of welcoming their new PS5

They go viral for their "imaginative" way of welcoming their new PS5

Although in recent days there have been quite a few units available for PS5 in online stores, it is still a rather complicated console to obtain on the market on a regular basis, be it because of the semiconductor crisis and also because resellers do not stop acquiring these types of items to later do business.

So a couple in America, who had been trying to find a PlayStation 5 for months, have had a creative idea of take a fake photoshoot with the recently purchased PS5 as if they had a baby. Thanks to a thread on reddit, and picked up by the Dailystar, We know that the couple had been trying to get a PS5 for two months, having the alerts from Twitter and any web page always active, and they had had no luck, until recently.

So when they bought the console, inspired by the photographs that some of their friends had taken with newborn babies, they wanted to do the same but with the PS5. In these photos we can see the happy wedding couple with their cat Lux who also seems happy because their owners have finally got the console they so longed for.

My girlfriend and I (finally) got a PlayStation 5 so naturally we did a fake maternity and newborn shoot with it. desde r / funny

The good thing about the photo session is that they did it themselves, and they did not hire any professional, since they affirm that “We use all the lights and lamps in our apartment to get the right lighting. We had no idea it would get so much attention, but we had good and fun intentions with the post.”.

This fun photo session of the couple with the PS5 has gone viral on Reddit, with thousands of votes and comments from the community, who first of all have kept the nice photo of the cat, totally staring at what the camera looks like , although its owners clarify that they kept the cat’s attention by showing it treats.

At the moment it seems that there will continue to be a shortage of PS5 until after the summer, so seeing Sony’s new desktop console on store shelves will not be common for several months.

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