There is already a release date for the second half of season 5 of Lucifer

There is already a release date for the second half of season 5 of Lucifer

Lucifer has been one of the television series that have been affected by the Coronavirus. The first half of the fifth season premiered in the summer, but the premiere of the final batch of episodes has been postponed over the last few months since the high number of infections in Los Angeles, where the series is filmed, forced to stop filming several times.

The writers of the series themselves spoke about it and asked the fans for patience, but it seems that the wait is close to ending and the official premiere date for the second part of season 5 of Lucifer has finally been revealed. The announcement has been leaked by an update in the profile of the series in Netflix, where you can read “More episodes on May 28”

The protagonists of the series had been warning that the announcement was about to fall, and Tom Ellis and Lauren German themselves are already sharing images of the filming of the sixth and final season, with which we could venture that the filming of the fifth season had already been completed. closed. For his part, Dennis Haysbert, another of the signings of the series, also anticipated a few days ago from your Twitter account that the release date of the new chapters was falling, and this time he has kept his promise.

Of course, the final stretch of Lucifer It is being chaotic and keeps its fans in suspense, since production of the series has been anything but easy. After its cancellation on Fox after its season 3, Netflix saved the series and renewed it for several seasons. In addition to cancellations, controversies and boycotts by religious and conservative associations, the situation with the pandemic has put the future of the series to the test. Of course, at last it seems that everything is on track properly, and now we only have to wait for the end of Lucifer be satisfactory. By now you know, the end of the fifth season can be seen next May 28.

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