The Witcher could include the Wild Hunt in its second season

The Witcher season 2 could feature two Nilfgaardian generals

Although at first it did not cause much enthusiasm among The Witcher fans, especially because of the strange white wig that Henry Cavill wore, in the end the series that adapts the novels and the video game of the same name has become one of Netflix’s great assets, which is already planning prequels and spin-offs.

However, while the platform develops stories parallel to the main plot, the Henry Cavill series finds itself in the middle of filming its second season in Devon (United Kingdom) from where we get some more than interesting photographs published on the web Redanian Intelligence.

And it is that for those who are fans of both novels and The Witcher games, they will already know, looking at the images, which characters these actors in armor and mounted on horseback seem to represent. Indeed, to the dangerous Wild Hunt company, bent on hunting down young Ciri.

Also known as the Wrath of Mörhogg or the Red Horsemen, The Wild Hunt is made up of elves from Aen Elle who are led by Eredin Bréacc Glas whose main mission is to make slaves wherever they go to serve in the world of the elves.

For their armor and their looks, as well as their history, It seems that they are not going to make things easy for Geratl de Rivia, What is not known is if it will be in this second season or if they will wait for the third of The Witcher and these chapters will use them only as an introduction. There is no official release date yet.

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