The stock of PS5 and other electronic gadgets may be affected by the ship stuck in the Suez Canal

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As you well know, for several days there has been a gigantic ship stuck in the Suez Canal called Ever Given, it is one of the most important commercial maritime routes. Although at first glance we already know that this will have a severe impact in transporting supplies to / from Asia and Europe, it seems that will directly affect the stock of PS5.

The Suez Canal in Egypt is built between 1859-1869 to improve trade routes between Asia and Europe to avoid the detour through Africa, and although it served as an international route, it would soon be misused. The place has witnessed many battles, one of them depicted in Battlefield 1.

As we have learned thanks to Business Insider, the electronic products already assembled such as PS5 They are mainly distributed from factories in Asia, where they are manufactured by ship. The Suez Canal is home to about 10% of all world trade and experts estimate that the delays due to the stuck ship can be felt for months.

However, even shipments may be affectedSince there are ships that carry merchandise, they have to return to load more. Both factors combined, even taking into account the existing one of the semiconductors used on PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles, it will mean that getting a new console in these months will be more complicated.

The problem of semiconductors in electronic parts It was already confirmed as worse a few days ago. But even if all this situation around the component was ordered to be investigated by Joe Biden, situations like these – unexpected – will not help. From Business Insider they report that a key factor in this problem is global dependency in a handful of Asia-based companies that produce all the semiconductors in the world.

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The stock of the consoles is being renewed little by little, and appearing in stores, but it is unknown if this will be reduced for a while. While, through this website you can follow the status of the ship stuck in the Suez Canal; Although at the time of publication of this article things have improved slightly, the situation has not been solved.

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