The Scarlet Witch has a new deluxe figure, with her classic look, thanks to Sideshow

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Even though Wanda maximoff She already had a good fanbase in her own right, having starred in Scarlet Witch and Vision on Disney + the Avenger is enjoying a new era of popularity with a legion of fans. So it is not surprising that since Sideshow Collectibles have chosen the perfect time to unveil their new Scarlet Witch figure with her classic comic book look.

Sideshow figures always enjoy great detail, as we have already seen in his new and detailed figure of the Winter Soldier or in the spectacular statue of the Joker from the Batman Ninja universe, and of course this figure of Wanda is not far behind. .

Is Figure in Premium Format of the Scarlet Witch It is now available on pre-sale at a price of $ 600, and available between December 2021 and February 2022 and with a limited number yet to be confirmed. This 3-foot tall statue, base included, shows the superhero in her classic red and pink outfit using her powers to destroy Ultron and a cloth cape.

According to Sideshow’s official description, “Inspired by her classic Marvel comic appearance, the Scarlet Witch Premium Format Figure is crafted from polyresin and features a fully sculpted pink and red outfit, complete with red boots and gloves. the loops of chaos sprout. The figure also includes a tailored red cloth cape wired at the hem for dramatic shaping and fixing. This powerful portrait of Wanda also includes her iconic red tiara, which frames her face. while her hair floats under the influence of her magic. “

What do you think of this Sideshow figure of the Scarlet Witch? Do you think about which shelf would you put it on?

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