The Pro Controller, the official controller for Nintendo Switch, is reduced to 55.99 euros

The Pro Controller, the official controller for Nintendo Switch, is reduced to 55.99 euros

Nintendo Switch, Nintendo’s hybrid game console, is one of the most notorious successes of the company. It has conquered millions of players around the globe with its many advantages, although many complain about its official peripherals, the Joy-Con.

And is that Joy-Con, although portable, can be very uncomfortable, especially if you play for many hours with them. That, and that we are used to larger, more imposing controls, such as the Pro Controller, the official Nintendo Switch controller that now you can get for 55.99 euros.

In general, this command is usually more expensive, reaching 69.90 euros on Amazon. However, this same page has decided to reduce it by 20%, so you save more than 13 euros on your purchase And you can get it for a price below 60 euros, which is not bad at all.

The Pro Controller stands out for having a more classic design, similar to that of other consoles such as PlayStation or Xbox. It is not so portable, but it is more complete and ergonomic, great if you want to compete online to play on equal terms with your rivals.

And it is that, although the Joy-Con are fantastic to play outside the home, when you arrive at the comfort of your home you want to play at ease, with a controller that you can use for hours without your hands hurting. And that’s just what you get with the Pro Controller.

In addition to the immense number of additional buttons that it includes for your games, this remote boasts connectivity Bluetooth 3.0 NFC, accelerometer, gyroscope, HD vibration, USB-C connector and a 1,300 mAh battery that guarantees you about 40 hours of gameplay. And if you run out of battery, just plug it in with the cable and keep playing while it charges.

Get the official Pro Controller for 55.99 euros It sounds very, very good. If you have an account Amazon prime or Prime Student, it can be yours tomorrow at no additional cost. There are many good alternatives to this controller for Nintendo Switch, but none like the official one, right?

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