The official Luke Skywalker helmet that every Star Wars collector wants, now for 80 euros with this coupon

The official Luke Skywalker helmet that every Star Wars collector wants, now for 80 euros with this coupon

It is a reality that Star Wars fans are geeks by nature, and that any collectible product is something that we love and that we would like to have. But even so, there are some that are better than others. And among the best, without a doubt, are the full-size electronic cases from the Black Series collection. This one in particular is Luke Skywalker’s in the original trilogy. And the you can buy at a special price thanks to the AliExpress anniversary with shipping from Spain within Plaza.

Of all the Star Wars electronic helmets this is one of the most mythical. And in my opinion, also one of the most complete. This is because of all of them it is the one that provides the most distinctive details, thanks to the combination of colors and the different elements it has. Already in AliExpress it is reduced compared to its price in Amazon, and now it has an additional discount, with shipping from Spain. You can buy it for about 80 euros using the discount code 7ALICUMPLE11. You have until April 3, although you better hurry because the units are limited.

The fact that it strikes me as one of the best electronic headsets you can buy is based on several things. The first is that being a gray helmet with red and yellow drawings gives the appearance of being more worked than other helmets such as the Mandalorian or that of Stormtrooper, which although they are also great, seem more like toys.

What’s more, the visor in yellow adds one more element that makes it stand out, as well as the chin strap to wear it fixed to the head. All this without forgetting the inside of the helmet, which carries the brown leather padding.

Electronic functions perfectly complement this helmet, which features led lights inside to simulate the effect of laser shots. Too has internal speakers that create surround sound. And we can choose two modes, one that recreates the Battle of Yavin in which Luke pilots the X Wing, and another that recreates the Battle of Hoth where you pilot the hovercraft.

By 80 euros is a perfect purchase whether you are a Star Wars fan or you want to give it to someone who is. It is impossible that it is not his favorite gift.

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