The final season of Attack on Titan will have a second part

Titanic trailer for Attack on Titan season 4 heading into its final stretch

The end of Attack on Titan is something that history fans have been waiting anxiously for years, as there has been a long wait between the manga’s release schedule and the hiatuses between anime seasons. When the final season of the anime was announced a few months ago to close the series, some of its followers were skeptical about the amount of material that remained to be adapted, especially since the creator Isayama hajime announced that the final chapter of the manga will arrive this coming April.

So finally the supposed final episode of the anime was released … and now we know that indeed the last season of Attack on Titan will have a second part to correctly close the story. The announcement has come from the hand of MAPPA, the studio responsible for the animation of this last season, which has already revealed that Episode 76 of the series will air next winter.

For now, a specific date for the premiere of this second part has not been confirmed and it was simply announced that we could wait for the return of Attack the titans for winter, so it is even possible to wait until January or February 2022. Meanwhile, in Spain it has been possible to see the first part of the season in simulcast in original version in Japanese with subtitles in Spanish thanks to SelectaVisión, as well that it is possible that the second part also arrives in this way and can be seen at the same rate of emission as in Japan.

Right now there are still little more than twenty chapters to adapt the manga. The first part of the final season of Attack the titans It has had 16 episodes to adapt 26 chapters, so it is expected that the second part will also consist of a similar number of episodes. Of course, we will still have to wait a little longer for the total length of the closing of the series and a final date for its premiere to be confirmed.

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