The world of superheroes goes far beyond what we have seen in Marvel or DC, and this has been shown to us by series such as the recently released Invincible from Amazon Prime Video or, also from the same platform, The Boys, who have turned superstars into a multi-million dollar product.

A series that managed to win over its fans through violence, swear words and characters that are far removed from the politically correct superheroes that we are used to seeing in Marvel. A series, which is the living reflection of the comic on which it is based, The Boys by Gareth Ennis, in which he continues to find inspiration for his third season.

Well, as published Deadline, the Amazon series has signed Katia Winter, which we have seen in series like Dexter or Legends of Tomorrow, to play Little Nina, one of the most irreverent characters in comics who also has a certain obsession with sex toys, due to various traumas caused by his father, which has led him to mistrust men.

What’s more Nina’s obsession is creating her own Compound V in order to “manufacture” his own superheroes, a mission that is costing him quite a bit as all his attempts end with the heads of his guinea pigs exploding.

At the moment, the third season of The Boys is in full swing and it has not yet been confirmed when it will be released on the platform or when we will be able to see a first trailer.