Tekken 2 celebrates 25 years since its premiere for PlayStation in Japan

Tekken 2 celebrates 25 years since its premiere for PlayStation in Japan

East new year 2021 It is, without a doubt, one of the most important celebrations with outstanding dates we are experiencing, ¿did you remember any similar? Just this March we have already celebrated some highlights such as Game Boy Advance, which is 20 years since its launch, and Resident Evil, which is 25 years after its premiere in Japan.

And it will be better that we do not go too far, because during the month of April there will be still much more to celebrate, since some games of certain sagas, we do not look at any as Gran Turismo and Animal Crossing, you will have congratulations. If you are curious to know these and other celebrations prepared, you can take a look at the special review that we did as soon as we started the year 2021.

But we are gathered today to talk about the birthday of Tekken 2, 25 years ago today since its original premiere on the first Sony console: PlayStation. Although it took several months since it was originally released in Japan’s Arcades, as it was first released there in August 1995He finally did it and left his mark on many players.

A March 29, 1996 landed for PlayStation in Japan, launching out of said territory and arriving in Europe on October 2 of that same year. With a total of 25 playable characters, he was the number one arcade video game in America for 24 consecutive weeks, also selling 3 million games when released on consoles with a premiere of 250,000 units sold, a record in its time.

Today, Tekken 7 it is still the current and last numbered installment of the saga, although some titles have been released separately and with other aspects such as Tekken Tag Tournament 2.

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¿How the release of Tekken 2 caught you? ¿You played it at its premiere or a little later?

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