Project Triangle Strategy producer explains why the tactical factor in battles

Project Triangle Strategy producer explains why the tactical factor in battles

One of the games that surprised us the most from the past Nintendo Direct was Project Triangle Strategy, Square Enix’s new role-playing game for Nintendo Switch, whose producer has experience in titles such as Octopath Traveler or Bravely Default. Now, those responsible explain new game details.

Announced for the next 2022 and without a definitive title, Project Triangle Strategy bets on a narrative experience similar to that of Octopath Traveler, giving great importance to decisions we make and to possible plot bifurcations. In addition, the fighting will have great tactical component.

On this has been pronounced Tomoya Asano, producer of the game, who has explained the why of this combat system, which will take place in squared scenarios, mixing RPG with strategy and turn-based combat. As information, in the eShop you can enjoy a completely free demo for Nintendo Switch.

Asano explains that he wanted to create a more adult role-playing game, giving special relevance to the strategy in the combats and the decisions that we make in history. He found in this combat system the perfect element to make a more adult and mature JRPG than other titles of the same genre.

The development of Octopath Traveler and Bravely Default 2 gave me more exposure to narratives geared towards adults and I began to wonder if there was a more suitable game format for those stories than a standard RPG. This is how we decided to create a strategy RPG for this project” explains the producer of Project Triangle Strategy.

To decide what to do with this JRPG, Asano comments that they had an intense debate within the studio, with a final vote. The plot decisions are a key factor in the title, so the producer conducted a study on the different decisions and paths that had taken each developer.

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According to Asano, 58% of the team decided protect Ronald character in Project Triangle Strategy, while 29% played in both decisions. By cons, only the 8% the development team made the decision to deliver the character to his captors. Square Enix itself is interested in what paths the players followed in the demo, to later study the results.

Project Triangle Strategy will go on sale on Nintendo Switch next year 2022, influenced by Octopath Traveler and both Bravely Default titles. If you want to take a look at this promising role-playing game, download the free demo from the eShop, and, you know, decide well what to do …

Source: GamesRadar

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