Players are immortalizing their deceased pets in Monster Hunter Rise

Players are immortalizing their deceased pets in Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise went on sale for Nintendo Switch last Friday, and only a few days have been enough to reap some sales monstrous: four million copies distributed worldwide. In comparison, in the same period, Monster Hunter: World distributed five million copies … with the difference that it was released for two platforms (PS4 and Xbox One), making Rise’s achievement even more worthwhile.

But this time we have not come to talk to you about the sales of the game, but about something really beautiful that is taking place within the game itself: some players are immortalizing their deceased pets in Monster Hunter Rise. As soon as we start playing, we are asked to believe Canyne and Felyne, the companions who will accompany us throughout the adventure.

The Felynes are the usual cat-like helpers in the Monster Hunter series, while the dog-shaped Canynes are new to this hunting universe (In addition, its inclusion opens the door to a good number of playable novelties). The fact of having cats and dogs, together with the possibility of customizing them, is inviting hunters to immortalize their pets within Monster Hunter Rise.

Such is the case of the user mirdbird, who shared his Canyne with an image of Nebin, his dog who died six months ago. “Now you can go on living as a legend of the hunts“, it said in its publication:

My dog ​​Nebin passed away 6 months ago. Now he can live on as a hunting legend. desde r / MonsterHunter

And if that made you shed any tears, then you’d better not watch UncleMabungy’s post: “On launch day, Aeon left this world to welcome me into another“, accompanied by an image of his beloved cat and its virtual representation in the form of Felyne:

On release day, Aeon left this world in order to greet me in another. desde r / MonsterHunter

We have no doubt that they are all good boys and will live forever. And you? Have you also taken advantage of the editor of Monster hunter rise to immortalize your pets? Show it to us!

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Source: GamesRadar

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