Monster Hunter Rise Ties Animal Crossing Premiere In Japan With Over 1.8 Million Copies Sold

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Last year, Nintendo hit the right key with the launch of Animal Crossing New Horizons for Switch. After a year, the game has become one of the best-selling titles worldwide and a work that has taken Japan by storm. However, the gentle life simulator could take over from the latest hunting frenzy.

Can the launch of Monster Hunter Rise be compared to the arrival of Animal Crossing New Horizons in 2020? We asked ourselves the same thing a few days ago and, according to the first estimates, it seems that yes, they could look into each other’s eyes.

According to the web COMG from Japan, Monster Hunter Rise has managed to sell in its first three days, within the Japanese borders, more than 1.8 million physical copies. This would place him above Animal Crossing New Horizons or, at least, on a par with this game, which registered 1.88 million in that same period.

In addition, it would also be necessary to take into account the digital copies, which would amount to 2.5 million units in total, as estimated by journalist @ Stealth40k and forum users ResetEra. Really impressive figures, although expected after the success of World.

It must be clarified that these data are not official at the moment, and that it will be necessary to wait for sales announcements such as the traditional weekly Famitsu list to know what cHow big has been the release of Monster Hunter Rise on Switch within Japan.

In case you are still undecided about whether to go to the hunt that this new installment proposes, we leave you here our analysis of Monster Hunter Rise for Nintendo Switch – The bestial hunt is back.

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