Monster Hunter Rise: How To Get Double Money And Monster Materials In Hunts

Monster Hunter Rise: How To Get Double Money And Monster Materials In Hunts

It is possible to tempt the good luck in monster hunter rise, and with it get double the money and practically any type of material after all our hunts, but first you must look for a series of specific animals on the map.

If you are a nature lover, and you are also attentive to all the details of the scenario, you will be able to get double the money and a lot of monster materials during all your hunts in Monster Hunter Rise, and for this it enters the game both the crow as well as the lucky owl, which are going to be randomly scattered on the map.

So we are going to tell you why the owl of fortune and the raven of luck are essential for our games of Monster Hunter Rise, and how to get the most out of them.

Monster Hunter Rise: How To Get Double Money And Monster Materials In Hunts

There is the so-called endemic life with luck, a series of creatures that appear randomly throughout the map and that when we find them and interact with them, we enter a state of temporary good luck.

Owl of fortune

It is an owl with golden feathers and a cat’s face, and due to its extreme rarity it has been a symbol of wealth since ancient times.

It appears randomly on the map, so you have to be very careful because it is usually in places quite far from our sight such as above trees, on structures or even on the ground between bushes.

If you interact with it, you can get double money in each of your hunts during its activation.

The lucky crow

We are talking about a large body with blue and black feathers, and that has a white collar and long feathers.

As with the owl, it is located on structures, in trees or even on the ground, but very far from sight and it is very easy to lose it.

If we collect it, while it is activated, we will obtain many more materials in each of our hunts, so that we get many parts of the monsters.

We repeat, all these endemic good luck animals appear randomly, so once you start your next hunt, take a look at the scenery around it, in case you have good luck. Do not hesitate to consult other guides: 8 tips that you will be grateful to know before you start playing, how to climb to high rank faster to get the best weapons and armor and do not hesitate to consult the analysis of Monster hunter Rise for Nintendo Switch that already aspires to become one of the best on the console.

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