It Takes Two Creator Calls For More Cooperative Works: “Cooperative Games Are Underrated”

The video game nods from It Takes Two: A Way Out, Mario Kart, Plants vs Zombies ...

It Takes Two has already been released for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and PC. The new cooperative title from the creator of works like A Way Out or Brothers: A Tale of two sons is already generating a lot of good critics and positive reviews from prey and players.

To the unmistakable creator of these works, Josef Fares, is known for his controversial statements and by a fixation on the cooperative game, a modality that, to this day, sounds more like a risk bet than something common. However, the manager himself asks that this change.

Although cooperative games enjoyed a great boom and popularity in the past, today they have become niche proposals. It Takes Two and other Fares games have shown that the narrative and playable potential is there, it just takes more developers to bet on it.

In an interview with PCGames, the creative explained his point of view: I would love to see more games like this co-opFares commented. Cooperative games are underrated from a creative perspective; lets you create really great stories and mechanically great experiences.

The manager added a perspective already mentioned above, the video game should serve to improve the story and vice versa. Games should focus more on giving players a cohesive and also moody and daring experience.

It seems that his words accompany the results. One of the aspects in which It Takes Two stands out, (you can read our analysis here) is its variety. Some time ago, Fares himself commented “Narrative games can become very repetitive.”

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