Hironobu Sakaguchi is not interested in game remasters of Mistwalker: The Last Story, Blue Dragon …

Hironobu Sakaguchi is not interested in game remasters of Mistwalker: The Last Story, Blue Dragon ...

The creator of Final Fantasy and later founder of Mistwalker study, Hironobu Sakaguchi, is currently putting the finishing touches on his RPG for Apple Arcade, Fantasian. A few days ago I anticipated that this could be the last game, so even if it is not entirely clear has commented in an interview to VGC that you would like to spend your future years in developmentcreating something new“.

To be perfectly honest, there are no plans for any kind of remake at this time.“, He said Sakaguchi. “Although they can be called remakes, all the effort and resources that must be put in means the basic difference between [desarrollar] a remake of a completely new game“.

Personally, I find myself more inclined to the idea of ​​making a new original story or world, or creating something new.“. Asked if you would like work with xbox again in the future, Sakaguchi He said not being clear: “I haven’t given much thought to the next steps of the company or where to go, and I think it could give me a vacation between now and whatever we do next; so we will see what happens, it is yet to be seen“.

Remember that Mistwalker was founded in large part by the patronage of Xbox, part of which created two exclusive RPGs for the Xbox console back then: Xbox 360. The games released at that time were Blue dragon in 2006 and Lost Odyssey in 2007, in addition to premiering The Last Story on Nintendo Wii in 2011, but since then they have focused exclusively on mobile games.

For now we will see what happens, in terms of what will Sakaguchi do after finishing Part 2 of Fantasian, no other thing. Has already made it clear that does not plan to remasters of said games.

Remember that Lost Odyssey is one of the games that can be played through the backward compatibility of Xbox One and Xbox Series X

Fantasian will premiere on Apple Arcade on a date yet to be determined.

Source: Video Games Chronicle

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