Fortnite Season 6 receives the Spring Break tomorrow, with the Egg Launcher, new missions, new Cup and more

Fortnite Season 6 receives the Spring Break tomorrow, with the Egg Launcher, new missions, new Cup and more

Spring is coming and Fortnite wants to witness it. Therefore, Epic Games has announced the news that will arrive tomorrow, March 30, as part of the Spring Break event, for Fortnite Season 6. There will be all kinds of new items, weapons, missions and even crafts available on the web.

Of course, the Easter holiday is the absolute protagonist of this event. Fortnite Season 6 receives new weapons like him tomorrow Egg launchers, new missions, an exclusive pickaxe, items for the Epic in-game store or the Spring Break Cup, which will begin next Friday, April 2.

To begin with, a new character will arrive on the island. Is about Punk Duck, which will entrust us with a series of missions starting on Thursday, April 1, with the aim of achieving the Cuctic Peak, although only if we complete his first legendary mission.

Fortnite players will also be able to enjoy the return of the Egg thrower, a new weapon, which arrives next to a series of eggs that will be hidden around the island. By consuming these eggs, our abilities will improve considerably.

On the other hand, from Friday April 2 the Spring Break Cup, which replaces Fortnite Fridays. Over a maximum of 10 games, in a period of 3 hours, you will have to get the best scores together with your partner. The best classified will get Duck Punk skin and Mecaplumas backpacking accessory.

Fortnite Season 6

Of course, to participate in the Spring Break Cup you have to have minimum level 30, and have two-factor authentication enabled. In case you do not have it enabled, you must access the Epic website and follow the steps indicated, in addition to being able to consult the official rules of the Spring Break competition.

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Finally, the Fortnite store is updated with New outfits, such as Fighting Rabbit, Duckling, or Rabbit Raider, as well as the Epic game crafts website. From there you can download templates to design new folding skins and thumbnails.

Fortnite Season 6 receives tomorrow the Spring Break event, and throughout this week the new missions, challenges and incentives of this celebration will begin. So now you know: it’s time to have some vices to celebrate the entrance of spring.

Source: Epic games

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