Exclusive clip of Pray for us, the horror film produced by Sam Raimi

Exclusive clip of Pray for us, the horror film produced by Sam Raimi

The end of March has been presenting full of premieres in cinemas with a fairly varied billboard and for all types of audiences. In the field of terror, the next March 31st premieres Pray for us, a new film of the genre that is produced by Sam raimi under his production company Ghost House Pictures and directed by Evan Stpiliotopoulos, the screenwriter of Hercules or the remake in real action of Beauty and the Beast.

Pray for us serves as an adaptation to the novel Shrine, by James Herbert, and follows Alice, a deaf young woman who is supposedly visited by the Virgin Mary and is suddenly able to speak, hear and heal the sick. A mass of people begins to come to witness the miracles that Alice begins to perform, but more and more chilling events are occurring. As the situation worsens, an investigation unfolds and doubts begin to arise as to whether miracles are divine or caused by some more sinister being.

With this premise we come to this exclusive clip of the film to open our mouths before the premiere, where we can see Jeffrey dean morgan, who already has plenty of boards in the genre with his work on The Walking Dead and plays a journalist trying to rekindle his career by investigating Alice’s story. Be careful, the clip is startled, to get a little more to the idea of ​​the tone of the film!

In addition to Jeffrey Dean Morgan, the cast of Pray for us also has Katie Aselton, William Sadler, Cricket Brown, Diogo Morgado, and Cary Elwes. What do you think of this clip from the horror movie? Has the bug bit you to go to the movies this Easter?

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