EA Announces PGA Tour, A New Golf Game From EA Sports For PS5 And Xbox Series X | S

EA Announces PGA Tour, A New Golf Game From EA Sports For PS5 And Xbox Series X | S

EA continues to bet on sports as one of its most important bastions for video games. Following its success with the FIFA saga, EA Sports announces the development of PGA Tour, a new IP designed to recreate this sport with maximum fidelity in PS5, Xbox Series X | S and PC.

PGA Tour is EA’s answer to the PGA Tour 2K saga from the creators of NBA 2K. Although on the basketball field he lost the battle, EA Sports will put all the meat on the grill with your new IP, which is being developed by the EA Tiburon team, creators of Madden and some NBA Live installments.

The American company has published the PGA Tour first details, among them that it will be completely focused on next gen consoles, such as PS5 and Xbox Series X | S. In addition, it will make use of the engine Frosbite, already seen in FIFA and Battlefield, to get ”astonishing fidelity, stunning immersive environments, and dynamic and accessible gameplay

Although not many details have been given at the moment, the PGA Tour will feature championship golf licenses, as well as impressive field recreations, such as Pebble Beach, and is being developed with the support of well-known golf athletes. The main goal is to combine realism with accessibilityFor both golf fans and new players.

EA Sports and the PGA Tour have created some of the most memorable golf video game experiences together, and We couldn’t be more excited to expand our range of sports with a new golf title., focused on next-generation hardware”, explains the director of EA Sports.

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It seems that EA Sports is not only focusing on golf as a new sport, but is thinking of launching an IP focused on college football. Despite the rumors, the team has not yet confirmed this project, as well as the FIFA 22 announcement (although this seems like a fact).

PGA Tour will see the light in PS5, Xbox Series X | S and PC, with a launch window yet to be defined. EA Sports promises to give more details about this new game, as well as its release date, in the next months of this 2021.

Source: VG247

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