The video game industry continues to evolve in the face of generation of PS5 and Xbox Series X | S. Beyond great movements such as the purchase of Bethesda by Microsoft, there are others that attract less attention, but that do not stop being important.

We found out this morning: the Danish group Nordisk, specialized in entertainment and video games, has taken over 30% of the shares of Supermassive Games, the creators of Until Dawn and the horror anthology The Dark Pictures, whose next installment is in development.

Known for being the owner of Avalanche Studios (Just Cause) or your interests in Mercury Steam or Raw Fury (Call of the Sea), Nordisk is the leading entertainment group in Denmark. With the acquisition of this part of Supermassive Games, it ensures a good market niche in the generation of PC and consoles.

We are delighted to have Nordisk Games together with Supermassive for which we are sure it will be very exciting times ahead. Our companies share a passion for delivering beautiful games with emotionally engaging stories, and we look forward to working closely with them and their colleagues at Nordisk Film and Egmont.. ” says Supermassive Games CEO Pete Samuels. The creative assures that Nordisk is the best partner for them, after the experience they have in the sector, with sagas like Just Cause.

Do not forget that Supermassive Games is working on House of Ashes, the next chapter of The Dark Pictures after Man of Medan and Little Hope, although at the moment the release date of this horror title is not known.

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''What impressed us about the Supermassive team, beyond their obvious talent and creativity, was their openness to collaboration and their vision of building the best possible storytelling games.'' explains Nordisk Games CEO Mikkel Weider.

Perhaps this movement may imply that we see a Until Dawn 2 in the future, although at the moment Supermassive Games is focused on its anthology The Dark Pictures, which seems to It will consist of eight chapters. House of Ahes will take us to the Iraq War, betting on the narrative as the main source to generate terror.

Source: Gaming Bolt