Comic-Con Announces Special In-Person Event for November 2021

Comic-Con Announces Special In-Person Event for November 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed many things in our social life, especially the possibility of meeting in large celebrations involving the presence of hundreds of people without the, already learned, safety distance.

And this has caused major events such as Comic-Con in San Diego to have to reinvent themselves in order not to disappear, an opportunity that they have taken advantage of and that has even made it more loved by fans. But despite the fact that this year many expected things to change, 2021 continues to drag the same restrictions as 2020 with the coronavirus.

However, with vaccines arriving little by little, the future seems brighter and that is why San Diego Comic-Con just announced that in November they will be holding a special event throughout the Thanksgiving weekend, between November 26 and 28, which for three days will gather hundreds of people in the same space.

“We are hopeful that conditions in the fall will allow us to meet in person. Comic-Con Special Edition will be the first in-person convention produced by the organization since Comic-Con 2019, and the first since the Covid-19 pandemic broke out. The fall wind will allow the organization to highlight all the elements that have made Comic-Con such a popular event every year, generating profits, not only for the organization but for local businesses and the community, “the statement explains. published by the organization.

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