Capcom is using life-size Lady Dimitrescu to promote Resident Evil Village in stores

Capcom is using life-size Lady Dimitrescu to promote Resident Evil Village in stores

For months now, the star of Resident Evil Village has been, and is being, Lady Dimitrescu, an imposing vampire almost 3 meters tall. But the reactions to her and the rest surprised all Capcom team, including its directors: “I don’t think anyone predicted it.” Note that, according to themselves, the character was inspired by Morticia Addams.

Now it seems that Capcom is using that popularity of the character to his advantage, because according to a post on Facebook by Capcom Asia, the publisher and developer is already advertising the game. In an unusual way, though good nonetheless, thanks to a Life-size Lady Dimitrescu, one of the main antagonists of the game used as a claim.

In this way, players who want feel a bit like your future protagonist in the game (Ethan winters) in reality, they can stop by the store. Optionally, and in case you like the character itself, you can also enter the store to see what the scale would be like with the immense Lady Dimitrescu.

Of course, keep in mind that Lady Dimitrescu and her castle will be “only a part” of Resident Evil Village, so do not think that it will be throughout the game. For now, it is not known if this Lifesize Dimitrescu Campaign Coming to the West, but if everything goes well, and it works, it is possible that they will and we can see it in stores.

It is not the first time that the character has compared himself to real people, during the direct from PlayStation Japan they just did it. Even though back then it was a 3D model to scale with the presenters, Hatsune Matsushima and Kayo Satoh, offering a real view of your height and comparing with real people of average height.

Resident Evil 7 and 8 are coming to Google Stadia, and there will be a new RE Showcase in April

¿You would like to see Lady Dimitrescu in stores in Spain?

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