Call of Duty Warzone players are very upset about the current state of the meta and its weapons

Call of Duty Warzone players are very upset about the current state of the meta and its weapons

Being posed as free to play service game, Call of Duty Warzone it must be constantly updating itself to keep adding news and changes that satisfy its community. However, some of those changes are not liking.

Swing weapons in Call of Duty Warzone is not an easy task and throughout the history of this game we have seen periods in which only a few weapons are used because using them guarantees a resounding success in the game. This raises a number of problems.

That only a few weapons are the ones that dictate the pace of the game makes the game is stagnant and “abuse” between players is very common. If you play with the same weapons all the time, the battle royale becomes monotonous, but if you do not play with those chosen few, players have no choice against those who do.

The Call of Duty Warzone community is very upset by the state of the current meta where the FFAR and the AUG They are the most “broken” weapons in the game. The frustration of the players can be felt in forums such as Reddit, where several have expressed their complaints calling this meta as the but of the Warzone story.

Given the number of posts published, it is most likely that Raven Software prepare a patch that fixes and restores the balance between weapons with the intention that the state of the game is somewhat more varied.

The game is beyond stale right now desde r / CODWarzone

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