Black Adam announces its official release date for 2022

Black Adam announces its official release date for 2022

If you want to carry out a project in the DC universe, prepare yourself for years of fighting against the elements, as we have seen that it is not easy at all, however now that Warner has finally reached out and shown the world the Justice League Snyder Cut It seems that new and interesting projects will start to be launched.

Like the movie about the villain Black Adam for which Dwayne Johnson has been fighting for its adaptation since 2008, and that finally, after starting its pre-production in 2014 with the official signing of the actor as the protagonist, it has announced its official release date for the next year 2022.

And he has not done it in any way, Black Adam has wanted to make his intentions clear from the first moment and to announce its arrival in theaters on July 29, 2022 he has turned off all the screens in Times Square in New York to turn them back on seconds later with the symbol of his golden ray and a clear message: “The hierarchy of power in the DC universe is about to change.”

A moment that has been shared by Dwayne Johnson himself on his Instagram, in which he also, a few weeks ago, claimed that the start of filming for Black Adam is only “a few weeks” from its start, which makes sense considering the release date for July next year, especially considering all the post-production that a project like this entails and what anti-Covid measures slow down filming.

Watching the release dates of Black Adam (2022) and the sequel to Shazam! which does not come until 2023, can both characters face each other in the film starring Zachary Levi and entitled The Fury of the Gods?

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