Balan Wonderworld highlights the phenomenon of “reverse review bombing”, or giving high marks to “bad” games

Balan Wonderworld highlights the phenomenon of "reverse review bombing", or giving high marks to "bad" games

Balan Wonderworld, the game of action and 3D platformers for consoles and PC, it is the first project of Balan Company, study under the umbrella of Square enix with Yuji Naka and Naoto Oshima as the main assets. The game It premiered on March 26, and shortly we will have your review available.

However, and as several days have passed since its premiere, users from the portal of Metacritic they can now give their opinion and score the game. But this is not what has made some users suspicious, such as those of the portal ResetEra, what has really scaled them are the profiles behind each score.

This has made users wonder if there is some kind of “review bombing“, give very low marks or outright zeroes, to lower the game score on the page. Only it would be something invested, giving high marks to “bad” games, at the moment Balan Wonderworld only has two reviews: an 82 and a 50, very different from each other.

It seems that there was already a similar case with Left Alive, the Front Mission “spin off” for PS4 and PC of which we have already offered you our analysis. The notes in Metacritic by the critics they left it as something that could have been better, but nevertheless when we take a look at user ratings have an average of 8.5 with most of them very positive out of almost 1500, but the funny thing is that it was another game in which Square enix he was immersed.

For now, and in the absence of more scores by specialized media, many users think that you should not take into account almost any of these scores because they are from bots, profiles with few scores and / or newly created.

Balan Wonderworld includes a scene that can be dangerous to your health whether or not you are epileptic, although it will be fixed if you download the patch from Day 1

¿You have already tried Balan Wonderworld? ¿What are your impressions so far?

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